The Popeyes Foundation's mission is to strengthening communities with food and support in times of need.  

The purpose of the Team Member Love (TML) Program is to support U.S. Popeyes® employees who have experienced a short-term hardship or catastrophic situation.  TML grants assist with immediate short-term needs for employees who experience natural disasters or hardships caused by illness, death or accident. 

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The TML Program adheres to the following pre-requisites for employees requesting support:

  • Hardship, crisis, or catastrophic incidents must have been outside the employee’s control and occurred within 90 days from date of TML application submission date.
  • Must be an employee of Popeyes or Popeyes Franchisee, excluding the officer and director level employees and their equivalent.
  • Been a Popeyes employee for at least 90 days from the date of submitting a TML application. 
  • Financial support request must be directly related to employee or their immediate family member (i.e., direct dependent, spouse, domestic partner, and/or parent).  
  • Unless the requesting employee has deceased, employee can submit application, including appropriate documentation to prove hardship situation as well as provide a Sponsor for the related request.* 

*The Sponsor will not have visibility to the employee’s confidential information, but rather 1) verify employment, 2) employee is in good standing and 3) verify compensation and benefits.


  • Employee must complete the online TML application in its entirety, including information about hardship situation, documentation to support and Sponsor information.  
  • Within three (3) business days from receiving the TML application, the Popeyes Foundation will: 1) review the received application, 2) reach out to the supporting Sponsor for to confirm employment and good standing, and 3) call the employee for their standard TML “intake call.”  
  • Upon completion of the above, the Popeyes Foundation will share the request with the TML Committee. 
  • The Employee will receive an update via email on the Committee’s decision within three (3) business days.  

          *Timeframe may flex due to employee’s responsiveness. 

  • The maximum amount for a TML grant is $3,000 and must be outside other support, i.e., federal support or personal insurance.
  • TML financial assistance comes in the form of a grant to approved employees. Employees are not required to reimburse the Popeyes Foundation. 
  • Each TML grant is provided via check and is mailed to approved employee at the designated address provided in their application. 
  • In most situations, TML grants are written directly to the service provider, e.g., funeral home, medical provider. There are exceptions that are within the Committee’s discretion that grants can be made payable to the approved Employee.


  1. Before beginning the TML application, create a free Submittable account by clicking the account creation button below or by signing into an existing Submittable account by clicking the sign in button below. Remember to save your log in information so you can monitor the status.
  2. You can "save a draft" of your work if you need to finish at a later date.
  3. If you need to make changes to your TML application, "withdraw" your submission and resubmit.
  4. The Submittable platform works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported. Please make sure you are using a supported browser, and that the files are valid file types. You can find the acceptable file types under the "Choose File" button within the application.
  5. Be sure to safelist notification emails from Submittable and check the email you used related to the TML application regularly.
  • Visit the Submitter Resource Center for helpful tips or reach out to Submittable's Customer Support team with technical questions. Access the support form HERE.


The Popeyes Foundation looks forward to reviewing your application. Thank you for being a part of the Popeyes team.




We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.